Time it takes to play?
The game takes between 30 mins and 2 hours depending on experience, concentration and whether all the intruders die straight away...

What age should players be?
We have recommened age 12 plus to play this game. There are some violent actions in the game.

Who would like the game?
Players of Hour of Glory range from boardgamers to wargamers and the game also feels a bit like a computer shoot-em-up so it suited for computer gamers too (but playing with other people...)

What do you get in the Hour of Glory game?
Take a look at the Hour of Glory boxed set here! You can see all the components that come with the game.

Are there any expansions available  for Hour of Glory?
We have published three issues of our webzine: Killing Time so far, which has a new scenario, eqiuipment and defending troops. We also have Bunkerstorm which uses the same basic prinicpals as Hour of Glory, but is a squad based skirmish game set inside the Stronghold. This is available as a download from our shop.

Where can I buy Hour of Glory from?
You can buy Hour of Glory from our online store from anywhere in the world. Please see our customer service record on the forum.
See a list of stockists and distributors here. Otherwise, we try to go to as many shows in the UK as we can. Please see our list of future venues on our forum.

What scale are the miniatures?
The miniatures are 28mm from foot to eye level. They are compatiable with many other WW2 miniatures. Full size images can be seen on our online store. For painting tips and updates on new miniatures, please see them on the forum.

Are there any independant reviews avaliable about the game?
There have been a few indepenant reviews written about Hour of Glory. For some of these, please go to: Mainly 28's, Boardgame Geek and go to the forum for other people's reviews and opinions. A review has also been written in issue 2 of the Wargames Journal (September 2006).


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