Taken from players questions on the Forum. Game example by Crusher. If you have any questions that are not covered below, please ask us at our forum.


Q: A raider can't enter a watch zone, but an assaulter can, right?
A: A raider can enter a watch zone. His turn ends immediately and he must make an evasion roll on 1 dice to stay hidden.
Sometimes this is necessary to get across a junction. As long as you first evade is successful and you are not exposed by contact in the Defender's turn, in your next turn you make an evasion check on 3 dice.

Q: If I am in a Watch Zone and I succeed on my Evade roll and I am able to move, when I move that first of my 4 squares I am still within the same enemy agents Watch Zone. Do I have to roll on the Evade again (this time with only one die since I already moved that one space)?
Same question for React?
A: Once you have made a successful check for evasion or reaction in a watch zone, you do not need to check again in that turn. If you were to move from one watch zone into another (at a cross roads for instance) then you must test for evasion or reaction a second time but with only one dice this time. You wouldn't need to make a second check on the same watch zone because the enemy agent imposing it either stands down (Sentry) or turns away (Commander) when you roll 2 evasion successes.

Q: Can an agent move diagonally through an open doorway?
And when the rulebook states that a player may move diagonally from the Entry Zone into a corridor square or vice versa, would that include a move from the middle-left Entry Zone square to the corridor square north-west of it (assuming the board has the Entry Zone to the south)?
A: You can move diagonally through an open space but a corner always counts as an obstruction. So the answer to both questions is no.

Q: If an Allied agent and German guard or sentry start in adjacent squares, are they considered in hand to hand combat? (I guess it the sentry hasn't spotted the agent yet it is not, but if the guard has?)
A: If an assaulter starts his turn adjacent to a standing enemy he is engaged and must resolve the fight before he can move out of his square.
A raider in the same situation is not engaged (as he is still hidden) and may move away. If he is in a watch zone, he must make an evasion roll first of course.

Q: If an Allied agent is already a raider, he can freely enter an occupied room - does he need to react in order to continue to move once seen by a guard in the room or can he move into the room and shoot/run up to the guard and engage in hand to hand combat?
A: A raider can never enter an enemy occupied room. If already in a room which is subsequently occupied, he must attempt to evade. When a raider is exposed, he becomes an assaulter and his turn ends; he does not make a reaction roll in the same turn.
One of the most frustrating scenarios for an intruder is being stuck in a room, forced to make evasion rolls each turn and only getting 1 pass each time - sufficient to remain hidden but not move/act.
Obviously the player wants to break the tension by changing to assault mode and killing his pursuer... but I'm afraid you can't!
The Defender's tactical options (in the basic game) are less than the intruders, so we mustn't begrudge him his few sadistic pleasures!.

Q: Can agents move in any direction at the start of the turn or must the move in the direction that they are initially facing?
A: Facing does not affect how you move. You may move in any direction. Actually, its only the facing of the commander or sentries that matters and facing for intruders and guards is irrelevant – that is why the commander and sentry miniatures alone are on square bases.

Also the commander and sentries on the card figures have a front and rear, and the guard and intruders have side views to reflect this.

Q: When an agent wants to move in a square that is in the Noise area of 2 or more Sentries how many times do I need to roll for sneak?
A: You only need to sneak once in a square, no matter how many Sentries can hear it. If you fail, they are all triggered at once.

Q: If an agent starts the movement at the 4th space do I need to roll for sneak when moving away of the sentry?
A: No, you roll for the square you move into.

Q: Can an agent move through a space occupied by another friendly agent? (e.g. can the commander move through the block occupied by a sentry?)
A: A defending agent can move through another defending agent's square. An intruder can move through another intruder's square - unless the square is within a watch zone or a Sentry's hearing range.

Q: No Diagonal movements in hallways. What about diagonal movements in rooms?
A: Diagonal movement in rooms is fine.

Q: Can you move into a space with an unconscious figure, and end your movement? Can an intruder even enter a space with an unconscious figure with the intent to move through?
A: You can move through an unconscious figure's square (in a single turn's movement) but cannot end your move on it.
Note that you can never move through a blocked square if it falls within a watch zone.
Recovery rolls and coup-de-grace attacks take on a more significant role when critical squares are blocked my semi-conscious soldiers.
Wounding an enemy in a critical square can be an effective tactic for holding up your opponent's forces.


Q: Allied agents can go from raider to assaulter in a hallway as long as they aren't in a watch zone, right?
A: Correct.

Q: Can an intruder keep an MP40, Luger,Colt,Tommy,Kar98K, Tula Tokarev, Stronghold Key, Covert Breaching Kit, Health Pack and a spy camera. - Highly unlikely but still is it possible?
A: At the moment, yes. We'll be looking at encumbrance when we introduce new weapons and equipment in a later Killing Time.

Q: Do the Allied agents get to automatically open the stronhold doors or do they have to pick the lock like any other door in the bunker?
A: You do need to unlock the front door before you can get in - That's why, when we play the demo games, we recommend the intruder with the covert breaching kit goes first!

Q: If a raider is in a room with closed doors, goes up to a door and opens it behind a sentry to sneak attack him, does he have to roll for sneak in the square immediately next to the sentry, or all leading up to the closed door?
A: If a raider is in a room with closed doors, no noise can exit the room - either from movement or gunfire.
If a door is open, noise will exit the room, counting every square in the room as square 1. If there is a Sentry in hearing range, you will have to make a sneak roll for each square you move in the room.
The most efficient way to dispatch a sentry is:
1) Move through a room and stand directly behind the door that the Sentry is guarding.
2) Open the door as your turn's action and stay where you are.
3) In the following turn make your sneak-attack. You do not have to sneak because you haven't moved in his hearing range.

Q: If i am in assault mode, and have shot a guard on a cross-corridoor-section so that he is uncontious, but not dead, do i have to take a react test when trying to cross over the uncontiios body, that is in the commanders watch zone. If so and I roll 3 dice, and only pass one, do I stay in the same square as the guard, which it says in the rules cannot happen
Or if, in the same situation, do I move into an ajacent position to the guard, and not have the guard be able to fire at me
A: apologize for the fact that this rule occurs in the Stronghold section of the Operations Manual (p.34) and is not repeated in the watchzone section.
Intruders may not move through an occupied square if the square lies within an enemy watchzone or is within 4 squares of a Sentry who is not wounded or engaged in a fight.
Crossing the corridor in your example is not possible - you're going to have to deal with (coup-de-grace) the wounded guard first.

Q: Can the intruders change or give to one intruder all the objetive cards in order to run an get out the stronghold while the rest cover the exit routes?. We haven0t seen any action of "trespass objetive cards".
A: No. That would turn intelligence gathering into a sort of 'relay race'. The choice of who spies and who fights is a decision you must make throughout the game. Once an agent has gathered intelligence he will guard it with his life... which is why the only way to take another agent's cards is from his corpse!

Q: Please confirm that Open and Close doors are actions.
A: Correct. You can also close a door after moving through it by sacrificing one square of your turn's movement.

Q: What are the difference between light and severe wound (two first levels of wound). For the rules we don't see any difference?
A: In basic HoG rules there is no difference between them other than it requires 2 resistance passes to negate a severe wound and just 1 to negate a light wound.
In Bunkerstorm the wound levels are distinguished (bleeding to death vs. concussion). We are working on an advanced wound system for HoG which will feature in Killing Time soon.

Q: Can a fighter decide to shoot instead to fight when in contact with an enemy? Or must decide only fight?
A: No. If you are adjacent to an upright enemy figure, you must fight.

Q: if a German fig is in a room with an allied agent (raider) the raider rolls on the raider must roll on Evade table
A: Yes, the first thing a raider in an enemy occupied room must do is test to evade.

Q: An Allied agent starts in a room, next to a door. Can he pick up intell and open the door in one turn? The door opens automatically from the inside, right? Or does that count as a second action?
A: No - Opening a door is still an action so you must wait until next turn to open it.

Q: Can an Allied agent move across the room, open the door and knife a sentry in the back in one turn? I don't know why I'm getting this one mixed up.
A: No - same as above. However, because the agent hasn't moved after opening the door, the sentry will not hear it open!

Q: To sneak past a sentry within three squares an Allied radier rolls 2 dice per square and looks under Stealth, right? Assaulters can't sneak - do they automatically cause the sentry to look their way, thus putting them in a watch zone where they have to roll on that table to get an action?
A: Yes and Yes.

Q: Is it possible to have more than two actions in a turn? I’m thinking of move to a door, breech door, react to a guard directly on the other side of the door, fight (and kill) the guard and then finish your move, is that possible or have a missed a ‘movement ends’ condition somewhere?
A: Kind of... Putting it another way, if you were in a room, opened a door and moved right into a sentries or officers watch zone (p39-41) you could then test on reaction to see if you could shoot, which is in effect an extra action. You cannot move again though since you can only make a reaction test on one dice if you have already moved which means you can only shoot or fight... Are you getting this? The example you used wouldn't work - guards do not have watch zones, so there would be no way of the character making a reaction roll.

Q: The commander has a choice to not fight or shoot if he doesn’t want too but the guards and sentries must, correct? If an assaulter moves into a room with the last guard & the commander and reacts and kills the Guard the stronghold goes back to standby. Is the room still considered occupied by the enemy (as page 44 specifically say more) or could the assaulter try to hide on a later turn (assuming all the doors are shut and the commander is too busy collecting corpse/alert markers to expose him)? Very unlikely scenario I know, but I need to be certain I know all the intricacies of the rules before I get in a game.
A: Clever clogs... The rule (on p.45) should say that you can only Hide if there are no enemies in the room at all. I think you have got the idea of it otherwise!

Q: If you kill a sentry who is alerted, does the alert marker stay or is it removed?
A: The alert marker should be flipped over to become the Sentry's corpse marker. A dead Sentry has no alert marker.

Q: Could the intruder who gets it look at all the intelligence cards in one turn or is it only one per turn? It's the use of the word 'any' on the card that raises the doubt.
A: You can look at ANY of the cards at ANY time and you can share this info with the other players if you want (just don't let the defender see them!). This does seem a powerful advantage, but you have to find it first! The map may be the last card to be found or you might get it too late to matter...

Q: Is there a practical difference between lightly and seriously wounded? (My guess would be that the answer includes the phrase "advanced rules".)
A: In the basic rules the only thing that differentiates a light wound from a serious one is the number of Endurance/resistance passes required to negate it.
You guess correctly - we are working on advanced rules for wounds in HoG, which will feature in a future issue of Killing Time (our free web mag).
In the Bunkerstorm expansion (which focuses more heavily on mayhem) the two wound levels are more distinct and complemented by rules for casualty evacuation and aid stations. We found that these rules were a bit too time-consuming for basic HoG, so we decided to wait until experienced gamers demanded a more sophisticated system.

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Q: Is it legal strategy during the end of the game when the Allies are running out of the stronghold for the German commander to camp out near the exit/entrance to try to catch these guys in watch zones?
A: Absolutely! You might like to add "Good afternoon Major Harris, I've been expecting you".

Q: Do guards have to move the first turn in which they are placed? e.g. could I set one up in the corner of a room and let him stay there during the turn in which he enters?
A: Guards do have to move (in the basic rules). If you want to delay the inevitable clash with intruders, you should place them as far away as possible. Closed doors also make a good 'buffer' since the Guard's movement ends as soon as he opens one.

Q: is there a limit to how near you can call out the guard if the intruder is raiding?
A: There isn't any restriction on where you deploy Guards but the rules protect intruders from Defender 'omniscience'.
If the lad is raiding, he's right - the Guards would not know where he is. They will rush out of the room in pursuit of the nearest assaulter and not expose him unless he is standing in their way.
If he is assaulting, the Guards would know his location and he's in trouble. Assault mode is about fighting and shooting - not casually moving around the Stronghold, breaching doors and spying.

Q: Do guards have a line of sight for the purpose of evasion?
A: Only the commander and sentries put down a watch zone that makes agents do reaction tests. Guards are total nutters. When the alarm rings, they rush out in pursuit of the closest identified enemy and have no time to take in details...
However, they will automatically expose an intruder if they move into his square and on, the plus side, they can't be sneak-attacked.
It might help to think of two different 'time streams' - the 'punctual' stream inhabited by Guards and assaulters, and the 'continuous' stream which is home to raiders. In a single turn, a raider may spend 4 minutes performing an activity, while his colleague (in assault mode) has a 60 second firefight.

Q: Can Guards / replacement Commander be placed on the Stronghold entry even if there are still rooms "unexplored"?
A: Yes - you can deploy Guards from the entrance even if there are unexplored rooms. In the Advanced Defence rules (in Killing Time 1) you may not do this in your first turn.

Q: If the Defender gets to place several Guards, do they all have to be deployed on the same room, or can they be "scattered" on diferent rooms?
A: They can be deployed in different rooms or some from rooms and some from the entrance.

Q: can a guard remain stationary in a room to prevent raiders from entering it
A: OM (Basic Game) : No, he has to move towards the nearest assaulter (or the exit).
KT1 (Killing Time 1 rules): you can move guards wherever you wish or leave them stationary.

Q: guards must always make a full move towards allied agents (T/F)
A: OM: Yes. A guard's objective is to engage the assaulter in hand-to-hand combat. If his move does not put him adjacent but he acquires LoS, he'll settle for shooting the the assaulter.
KT1: See question 1.

Q: Can a guard standing directly in behind another guard see and shoot an Allied agent in the same hallway? Does the guard in front block the line of sight?
A: No - all figures block line of sight - friend or foe.

Q: Can a guard fire over the fallen body of a wounded sentry to hit an Allied agent in the same hallway?
A: Yes - wounded figures do not block line of sight.

Q: A guard fires and wounds an Allied agent who drops to the ground. He is now unseen by the other guards. If a second guard runs into the fallen agent's body is it exposed? Become an assaulter even though fallen? Does the guard who walked into the fallen body get a chance to deal a coup de gras and take out the fallen agent?
A: No. This would just get too complicated. We play it that the Guard would assume the agent was dead or otherwise 'out-of-it' so he ignores him.

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Q: If the door is opened to a room, can the sentry see into the room if a noise catches his attention?
A: You can only see one sqaure into a room - this represents there being furniture etc in the room. If the Sentry is looking in to a room, any intruder would have to test to enter the ajacent square (reaction for assaulters or evasion for a raider). This does go both ways, someone in a room cannot attack anyone in the corridor.

Q: Can a sentry change its facing in any manner besides the Alert moment?
A: A sentry can only face front in standby or face an alert marker. That marker my move in relation to the closest noise (shooting or close combat against the sentry).

Q: Am I to right to assume that if I lose a sentry I can't replace it? So if the Intruders eliminate all my sentries I'm basically fu… blind?
A: Yep - just don't let it happen. Check out the advanced defender rules in Killing Time 1 ( HYPERLINK "http://www.warmacre.com/killingtime/killingtime.html" \t "_blank" http://www.warmacre.com/killingtime/killingtime.html ) where you can post new sentries all over the place! I suggest you try the basic rules out first though...

Q: I think this has been asked before, but can a sentry have more then 1 marker?
A: Only one alert marker per Sentry. The marker represents the suspicion or information that the Sentry can report to his Commander.
If an already alerted Sentry is alerted by another noise, turn his figure to face it and reposition the marker accordingly.

Q: They are only removed by the commander by investigating and a successfull evade?
A: Yes, or by killing the Sentry before he can report.

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Q: If you are in the commanders watch zone in a corridoor (in raiding mode), you have to make an evade roll, right? Then, lets say you pass all three dice.
Cn you then assault voluntarily, charge forward and kill the commander, even though you are in his watch zone. I dont think you can but i might be wrong...
If so, do you then have to make a react roll?
A: If you're raiding in a watch zone, you have to attempt to evade.
Changing to assault has to happen at the very start of your turn - so you can't do it after evading.
Also, you can never change to assault in a watch zone.

Q: So that means that the commander could keep chacing you around and there is nothing you can do except evade again?
There is no way that you can attack a commander if you are in raiding mode
That means that you cannot get away from the commander unless he rolls lower than you?
A: If the Intruders could just blow the Commander's brains out whenever they felt like it, the game would be unbalanced and insufferably dull for the Defender.
Hour of Glory is about espionage not just infantry combat. Being a spy behind enemy lines is a stressful experience and we think that the rules for watchzones/evasion reflect this.
Imagine it was real... Would you really want a Stronghold with an undetermined number of guards to know you were inside? Staying hidden is always your primary concern as a raider.

Q: Can a commander use the defenders equipment, like can he pick up the tommy and use it
A: I don't see anything wrong with that as a house-rule if your opponent agrees...

Q: An alert marker (red A) is next to a sentry (gray S). The commander (blue C) wants to move to inveestigate the alert marker. Does he:
-move into the first square next to the alert marker (green (a)) that is already occupied by the sentry?
-move into green (b) - the same square as the alert marker (can the commander be on an alert marker to investigate it?)
-move into green (c) - because the rules state the commander must be adjacent to the alert marker
If the commander passes the sentry, moves over the alert marker to the square past and adjacent to the marker, he will actually be facing away from both the alert marker and sentry. Can he investigate the marker even when facing away from it?
A: The commander may investigate the alert marker by standing next to the Sentry (and talks to him...) or stand on or next to an alert marker. You may move through alert markers and corpses with no problem.
In the same way, an intruder may attempt to hide a corpse marker by standing next to it, or on it/

Q: So in my example above, the commander could walk one space forward, "speak" with the sentry and investigate the marker on the other side of the sentry.
A: Exactly.

Q: Is an Open Door a cause for alarm, should the Commander spot it?
A: An open door is not a cause for alarm; it's not quite as distressing as finding a Sentry's decapitated corpse. The Commander might assume that one of his incompetant underlings has left the door open...

Q: So, if a Commander is standing in a room facing an open doorway that is 3 squares away (in a straight line), would a Raider standing in the corridor, in the open doorway, have to test for Evasion? Or if the Intruder is in Assault mode, could they shoot at one another?
A: No. The only points of interaction are the adjacent squares either side of the doorway - which means only hand-to-hand fighting can occur through a doorway.
The Commander's watchzone only extends one square in or out.
An agent standing in the corridor-side of the doorway does not have LoS into the room - this represents limited field of vision and 'virtual clutter'
As models cannot be placed halfway between two squares, to fire from the doorway your model needs to be inside the room. Bunkerstorm makes this representation a bit clearer by giving the model the benefit of cover from the doorway.
This restriction does not preclude future rules for throwing grenades and blind-firing into rooms...

Q: The rules says that sneak movement is for sentries. Can I use sneak for Commander or Guards? Can I attack a Commander or a guard with seak attack?. If the answer is no I guess the only way to combat commander and guards are normal shooting or close combat. Please confirm.
A: You can only sneak-attack sentries as they are immobile. Guards and the commander are assumed to be constantly moving and cannot be sneaked-up on.

Q: We use the commander as the main Cat to catch the intruders. When a commander catch in a intruder (got in the same square) what happens next?. I mean: Intruder got Assault mode (with no option to evade) then the Commander turn ends inmediatly. Can a commander Raise the alarm in that moment (as an action) or must wait until next turn?
A: If the commander exposes an intruder by contact, that ends his turn.

Q: Confirm that a commander can Raise the alarm as an action at any turn even with only one Guard in the ASI.
A: The Commander can raise the alarm with only one marker on the ASI - as long as there is at least one intruder assaulting the Stronghold.

Q: If a raider enters a room and the commander is in there, does the commander automatically see him as he enters the room, and what can he do to defend himself (if anything)?
A: A raider can never enter an occupied room.

If the Commander is alone in a room, you can't enter it in raiding mode, period. If the room also contains an intruder in assault mode, the room is not occupied (the Commander is distracted by the assaulter) and you are free to enter with no need to evade.
Occupying a room is one of the Defender's strongest anti-raider tactics - the room must either be circumnavigated, or stormed (in assault mode).

Q: ” If the Commander is alone in a room, you can't enter it in raiding mode, period. If the room also contains an intruder in assault mode, the room is not occupied (the Commander is distracted by the assaulter) and you are free to enter with no need to evade.” If the Commander is distracted by an assaulter in the room does this mean that a second allied agent can enter as a raider? (e.g. raiders can enter unoccupied rooms)
A: Yes. To clarify: A raider cannot enter an occupied room. If the room contains the Commander (1 x enemy) and an assaulter (1 x friendly), the room is not occupied.
Your logic is sound - the Commander is preoccupied with the assaulter and does not notice the raider entering the room.

Q: is only the commander allowed to remain in a room to be a bother to allied agents
A: OM: Yes. It's one of his main jobs.
KT1: See question 1.

Q: Why would the commander investigate a corpse? The corpse is placed on the ASI is it changed into an alert marker? I’m assuming that is the case but I can’t see anything in the rules that specifically states it.
A: On page 25 under Investigate it tells you all about picking up corpse or alert marker and the collected marker is placed on the ASI (third bullet). Yes, you place it on the ASI as an Alarm marker - but it doesn't really matter what side you put the marker down on, but the Alert side looks more obvious... Corpse markers are basically Alert markers anyway (however you can conceal corpses but not alert markers p.27)

Q: Can a commander pick up the equipment and intelligence cards from another dead commander?
A: A new commander can do that, it doesn't mention it on p27, but I don't see why not. That reminds me, maybe I should do that Officer with Tommy gun conversion...

Q: And the commander can be on the other side of a sentry to investigate a marker?
A: Correct.

Q: An alert marker is in the open doorway of a room. can the commander collect from next to the sentry in the corridor or does he have to be in the room even though the sentry is in the corridor?
A: He can collect it from any square adjacent to the Sentry that isn't blocked by a wall.

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Q: When the Alarm gets raised, does a nearby Sentry get an Alert marker? If yes, how nearby does he need to be?
A: Raising the alarm does not bring additional markers into play.

Q: If no, once the Alarm has been raised when gunfire breaks out, does a Sentry within 12 spaces of the gunfire still receive an Alert marker and face in the appropriate direction?
A: Sentries still respond to noise (and get a marker) when the alarm is raised.

Q: If so, and the battle continues to where the Sentry is within 12 spaces from gunfire from the other side, does the Sentry turn around and get another Alert marker on the other side (giving him 2 Alert markers)?
A: A Sentry who already has a marker and responds to a new disturbance turns to face the noise and repositions his existing marker.

Q: Do you still keep placing alert markers for dead guys, incidents etc if an alert has already been called?
A: You do keep placing markers during the alarm. This is very important for the Defender - if the Stronghold returns to standby, he must start investigating again. A nice collection of freshly-made corpses is a good reason to raise the alert state!

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Q: Can you open doors from the diagonal? It would seem to contradict the ‘no diagonal movement in the corridor’ rule.
A: Yes you can: p.35, as long as you are adjacent to the door as in the example image. Its not so much as moving, more leaning across...

Q: One about doors. you've said you can open a door diagonally. can you enter the room diagonally? or do you have to be next to it? is it the same for exiting a room?
A: You cannot enter or exit a room diagonally.

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Q: does the 'seeing in/out of a room' limit only apply to Watch Zones or Line of Sight also?
A: The 1 square limit in and out of rooms applies to line of sight and watchzones.
Those of you who have flicked through Bunkerstorm or KT2 will see that doorways are fairly abstract in the HoG system. In other words they do not provide a literal indication of an agent's position.

Q: Does an open door block LOS (that is, the door itself)? And if so, is there a way of determining which way they should open (in, out) and which side they should be "hinged" on (left, right)?
A: Doors do not obstruct line of sight or movement. They are normally opened into the room but it is entirely up to the player.

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Q: What are the points in the bottom left corner of the equìpment cards?
A: These will be used in the advanced rules which will feature in a future issue of the Killing Time webzine.

Q: My friend asked why do pistols and SMGs roll 4 dice and a rifle 5? It seems to make the rifle more powerful. My answer at the time was that the SMG gets the advantage of re-rolls so could roll the dice up to 7 times.
A: Rifles are more powerful. SMGs have a chance to re-roll some of the dice, but you can only re-roll 3 dice.

Q: The only weapons in close combat are knives and fists, right? Can a German player pick up a knife from a dead Allied player?
A: Yes. No - He probably wouldn't know what to do with it anyway - he just uses the butt of his rifle or fists as you said.

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Minute 60
Harris uses is Breaching Tool Kit to breach the Stronghold main door. Loosing no time on this task, he immediately moves left, getting in hearing range of the sentry guarding room 1. This forces Harris to sneak. He takes his time to cross the 3 squares but passing 5 dice out of 6, Harris spends only 1 minute.
Link moves to the right, takes a chance and breaches room 2. Inside lies the Stronghold Map!
Meanwhile, the Commander rolls 4 for his movement, and heads to the corridor between rooms 5 and 6, closing the door behind him as he moves.

Minute 58
Harris is nervous as he moves to contact with the sentry. He spends 2 minutes doing it and then tries to sneak attack…he fails!
On the other room, Link grabs the Map and heads to the other door on the same room.
The Commander continues his move down the corridor…6 squares this time.
The sentry of room 1 attacks Harris, but the english agent manages to deflect the blow and counter-attacks with his knife killing the german.

Minute 55
Harris tries to kick the door in but misses.
Link quietly opens the door and moves near to the sentry guarding room 5. He takes 2 minutes doing it…things get worst as the Commander bumps into him! The 2 intruders are now exposed!

Minute 52
Harris finally manages to breach the door and gets inside room 1 closing the door behind him. Inside lies the New York card.
Link uses his knife to knock out the sentry. He is now in the Commander watch zone and, since he only passes 1 dice on the evasion roll, can’t move to attack the Commander.
The Commander draws his pistol and shoots at Link. Rolling 4+2+2+1 he misses but the sound alerts 2 sentries.
The sentry that Link hit dies from his wounds.

Minute 51
Since Harris is alone in a room with all doors closed he decides to hide, spending 2 minutes doing so.
Link is unable to move once again and the Commander decides to raise the Alarm. Two guards are placed in room 5.
Link isn’t able to evade and an extra minute is lost because he is assaulting with the alarm raised.

Minute 47
As Harris moves closer to the door he tries to collect the card on that room but misses.
Link manages to pass 2 dice on the evade roll and moves closer to the Commander. The german officer attacks Link, the american defends the attack and with a deadly counter-attack stabs the Commander 3 times killing him.
The first guard moves to the cross-section between rooms 1,2,4 and 5. The second guard opens the door and finds himself adjacent to Link.
A new Commander comes into play on room 6 as Link spends another minute for assaulting.

Minute 45
Harris finally picks up the card…he will move out of the room next turn.
Link manages to get rid of the guard attacking him as the other guard moves closer to room 1. The Commander moved from room 6 o the corridor 5/6 closing the door behind him.
Link doesn’t wait any minute this time…

Minute 44
Harris moves to the corridor 1/2 and his immobilized for entering a sentry’s watch zone.
Link applies a coup-de-grace on the guard and manages to enter room 5 where the soviet blue card lies.

Minute 43
Harris isn’t able to move since he only passes 1 dice on his evade move.
Link moves across the room to a corner, switching his weapon to the deadly Thompson.
The Commander moves 1 square (actually stays put because of a sentry) and the guard enters room 1 after Harris.
Link once again passes his roll and no time penalty is applied to the assaulter.

Minute 42
Since Harris passes 2 dice on his evasion roll, the sentry putting the watch on him stands down and he is able to move 3 squares up the corridor.
Link decides to stay put and takes a chance at taking the card on the room…he fails.
The Commander manages to enter room 5, and the guard exposes Harris by moving against him.
Both assaulters pass the test and no additional time is wasted.

Minute 41
Harris stabs the guard and Link opens fire on the Commander: rolls fours 6! The German manages to “escape” with a severe wound. Three sentries are alerted to the gunfire inside room 5.
The Commander and the guard Harris attacked recover from their wounds, as Harris fails his test and an additional minute is lost.

Minute 39
Harris and Link attack their enemies again and both manage to get their targets down. However the Commander manages to recover again and Harris looses another minute.

Minute 37
Harris kills the guard with a coupe-de-grace and Link shoots the Commander down just to see him rise again on the recovery phase.

Minute 36
Harris stays put and pulls out his Colt; Link hits the Commander again, and this time moves closer to him.

Minute 35
Harris opens fire on the sentry, hitting him and then moves closer. Link finally kills the Commander with a coup-de-grace.
The sentry doesn’t recover from his wounds and a new Commander doesn’t arrive on the Stronghold.

Minute 34
Harris applies a coup-de-grace on the sentry, using his pistol witch alerts one sentry from room 5.
Link moves closer to the only closed door on room 5, trying to catch the card as he moves, but fails the pick up.

Minute 33
Harris breaches the door of room 4 and moves to the other door of that room, closing the first behind him…in that room is a file containing info about himself!
Link shoulders his Thompson and draws his knife again.
A new Commander emerges on room 9.

Minute 32
Two minutes elapse and Harris is a raider again…Link opens the door on room 5 and finds himself in close combat with a sentry.
The new Commander heads to room 4 while the sentry tries to kill Link. The attack misses and, in a swift counter-attack, the American agent causes a severe wound on the German sentry.

Minute 29
Harris isn’t able to collect the card, Link ends the suffering of the sentry and the Commander moves down the corridor 4/5, raising the alarm witch brings a guard to room 9.

Minute 28
Harris stays put and spends time collecting the card…
Link moves to intercept the new guard. The guard manages to wound Link.

Minute 26
The English agent moves away from the door while Link recovers thanks to the First Aid Kit! He then evades a sentry that was putting a watch zone on him and moves closer to that same sentry, spending 2 minutes.
The Commander falls back trying to gain a better position to intercept Harris, and the guard, since no assaulters are reported, starts to demobilise.

Minute 23
Harris moves near the other door again, trying to avoid the Commander and Link moves to the first horizontal corridor.
The Commander only moves 1 square and the guard continues toward the Stronghold exit.

Minute 22
Harris decides to stay put while Link enters room 10 to find out the Soviet green card in there.
The Commander enters room 4, where Harris is hidden and the guard continues his demobilisation.

Minute 21
Harris passes one evade dice so stays put. Link moves towards the room exit but doesn’t pick up the card.
The Commander is able to expose Harris and the guard witch was leaving runs to the room and closes in on the brave Englishman.
Harris is unable to save time and another minute is lost for him being assaulting.

Minute 19
As Harris kills the Commander, Link spends time picking up the Soviet card and moves to room 8.
A new Commander appears in room 8 just before Link opens the door.
The guard attacks Harris but fails…Harris knocks him out.

Minute 17
Harris runs to corridor 5/2 and Link heads to corridor 9/10, followed by the newly arrived Commander.

Minute 16
Harris enters room 5 but isn’t able to pick that card. Link isn’t able to move passing only 1 dice on the roll. This enables the Commander to expose him by contact.

Minute 15
Harris is unable to pick the card again, and decides to move to the cross-section 5/6/2/3, alerting a sentry doing it.
Link knocks down the Commander and moves to room 8.
Both the Commander and the Guard don’t recover just yet, but the assaulters loose an extra minute.

Minute 13
Harris remains in his place after passing 1 dice out of 3 for his evasion roll. Link moves towards room 8 and 9 witch contains the London and Moscow cards respectively.
On the German side, the Commander gets back up, the guard remains sleeping and the sentry opens fire on Harris hitting him and knocking him down.

Minute 12
Harris recovers as a raider and stays put.
Link tries to pick up the card in room 9 and misses. He stays put as the Commander enters room 8.

Minute 11
Harris moves to room 6 as Link still tries to pick the card that lies in his room and misses. The Commander moves closer to him but stops short of bumping into him.
The guard finally awakes.

Minute 10
Even using his Breaching Kit, Harris spends 2 minutes opening room 6. He then enters it, to see the UK blue card and moves to the other door in the room.
Link once again brings the German Commander down as the guard moves towards him.

Minute 8
Harris spends 2 minutes and gets the card…he then moves behind a sentry loosing another minute sneaking.
Link fails to pick up the card and is assaulted by the guard. He manages to defend and in response knocks the guard to the ground.

Minute 4
Harris dispatches the sentry but isn’t able to hide the body very well…he moves to room 5.
Link attacks the Commander who recovered the previous turn. The German guard dies from his wounds and that ends the alarm.

Minute 2
Harris manages to catch the card in room 5 and moves towards the exit.
Link isn’t able to pick his card and decides not to waste more time and runs towards the exit too.

Minute 1
Harris switches to assault mode and runs towards the exit followed by Link. At this time the Commander recovers and time reaches ZERO.

Minute 0
Harris manages to exit the Stronghold just as the doors close behind him, keeping Link inside.
He looks at the intelligence he gathered and the USSR and UK blue cards, the UK green card and the USA red card…they're worth NOTHING!!!

The mission was a failure. This time...

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