It is 1944 and a shattered world faces a fifth year of total war. Hitler’s ambition has spread across continents like a polluted tidal wave, swallowing whole nations in a deluge of terror and brutality - but now the tide is about to turn. This year the Allies will launch Overlord, a massive combined arms operation to take back occupied Europe and wipe the Nazi stain from the face of the earth, forever.

But as the free forces prepare to topple one tyrant, it seems that another has been waiting to seize power. Allied intelligence recently discovered that a Bavarian aristocrat known as ‘the Baron’ has been using his wealth to levy a private army and assemble a team of top military scientists. It is believed that he is developing a secret weapon of unprecedented destructive power - unfortunately his progress, intentions and whereabouts are a mystery.

With resources focused single-mindedly on D-Day, only a small sub-section of the allied secret service has been assigned to this new threat. Under the command of Brigadier Robert Berkley, the Secret Allied Brigade Reconnaissance Expedition (SABRE) has recruited elite agents from Great Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union. Their first mission: to infiltrate one of the Baron’s strongholds, discover the extent of his power and what he plans to do with it.


SABRE is made up of three key agents: Major Harris, Captain Link and Nikolai Volkov.

Major Harris

Major Harris was recruited into SABRE by his godfather Brigadier Berkley. A good all-rounder in both espionage and conventional warfare, he was the natural choice to lead the mission.

Harris's physical stamina is legendary; he has been stabbed, shot and tortured several times in the line of duty but somehow always returns to HQ, battered but unbroken.

Captain Link

A likeable rogue whose ‘simple country boy’ manner belies a resourceful field agent. Alexander Link met Major Harris while working behind enemy lines in Africa, and their friendship was cemented after they were both captured by the Gestapo.

While Harris held out against a brutal interrogation, Link escaped, armed himself and pulled off a daring rescue. The two agents arrived in Britain a month later. After some transatlantic string pulling, the American Office of Strategic Services approved Link’s transfer to SABRE.

Nikolai Volkov

When Russian intelligence got word of the Baron’s plans to construct a super-weapon, they dispatched one of their best secret agents to investigate.

Unfortunately for Nikolai (presumably an alias), the mission was betrayed and he walked into a trap. The timely intervention of a SABRE team, who were reconnoitring the area, resulted in the Soviet agent being unwittingly evacuated to Britain and recruited into their Secret Service. He has vowed to remain with SABRE until he discovers the identity of the Baron's double-agent in the Party. Nikolai is as cold and deadly as a Siberian winter; his loyalty and methods are questionable, but his efficiency is not.

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German Stronghold Defenders

As the Baron’s trusted lieutenant you will be in charge of the Stronghold with a garrison of soldiers under your command.

You must protect the Baron’s secret at all costs. Use your agents to hunt down Intruders and force them to flee empty-handed or ensure that they never leave the Stronghold alive.

In 60 minutes every garrison in a fifty-mile radius will converge on your Stronghold to bolster your defences and make escape impossible. Killing time can be as effective as killing enemy agents.

At your disposal is an officer of the German Wehrmacht and his basic troops - sentries and guards. He can also bring in specialist troops such as guard dogs, Stormtroopers and Gebirgsjäger to protect the 'Baron's' secret!

Stronghold Commander

The Commander is your representative in the Stronghold and the only defending agent under your direct control.

Your other minions’ behaviour depends on Intruder activity and the Commander’s actions.

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Sentries are soldiers assigned to protect your Stronghold. They are vigilant and utterly dedicated to their task.

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Guards are confined to barracks in a state of constant readiness. Where Sentries are calm and methodical, Guards tend to be reckless and brutal – relishing the chance to get out and cause some mayhem.

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Guard Dog

Guards Dogs can sniff out enemy agents from their hiding places. These are advanced guards and rules for these can be found in Killing Time 1

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Stormtroopers are tough gritted veterans armed with MP40 submachine guns. These are advanced guards and rules for these can be found in Killing Time 1

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Gebirgsjäger are elite veterans armed with a variety of weapons and can cause the enemy a lot of trouble. Rules for using these and other elite troops in Hour of Glory will be available soon

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